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Our strong passion for the future of indoor cultivation and vertical farming inspire us to manufacture cutting-edge LED grow lights and horticultural solutions for both home and industrial growers.

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Industry-leading technologies that help efficiently deliver the highest yields.

Only high-quality materials are used to extend the longevity of the products.

All products are designed for easy setup & use to deliver the best experience.

Excellence in Every Detail

Meticulous attention to detail is imperative for attaining the utmost characteristics and performance in our products. In the realm of design, we exert our utmost effort to ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality but also boast ease of transport, seamless installation, and user-friendly operation. Our commitment encompasses a comprehensive consideration of all aspects to deliver a product that excels in every dimension.

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Technology & Innovation

NŌKOTECH products are crafted with cutting-edge technologies, utilizing only premium components to enhance durability and optimize yields efficiently. Employing top-tier LED chips and drivers with elevated specifications allows for elevated PPFD levels across the entire growing surface, penetrating deeply beneath the canopy while maintaining energy efficiency. Our commitment prioritizes quality over quantity.

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Trusted by Professionals

Our devoted team is prepared to engage in discussions and provide tailored solutions for industrial-scale horticultural projects at a cost-effective rate. All our products undergo rigorous laboratory testing and hold all necessary local certifications.

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Compact and Powerful

COMPACT Pro 820 LED grow light fits perfectly into existing 1000W DE HPS fixture layouts. With less radiant heat, a more balanced full-spectrum light, and significantly increased levels of the PPFD compared to 1000W DE HPS, this is a game-changer 1:1 HPS replacement solution for growers.

Lightweight & Compact

With a net weight of only 14.5kg and 74x34x9cm in size, this unit is easy to transport and fit into any grow room.

High levels of PPF

Produces much higher levels of PPF compared to any 1000W HPS fixture while using up to 20% less energy.

High Quality LED chips

High-quality Seoul (white), San'an (blue) & Osram (red) LED chips provide a well-balanced lighting spectrum.

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